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Since 2002 and almost for 2 decades Broward county DNA & Drug Testing has been providing to the local Area, State and Nationwide Drug Testing Services, Our Company is part o a large network with over 900 locations, with highest level of accuracy and confidentiality our business is committed to assist on any of your testing needs, for more information please contact us via email at info@floridatoxicology.com or call us Local 954-522-8378, toll free 1-888-499-6393.

After and before normal business Hours & Weekends collections Services:

  • Weekdays before and after normal business hours $30.00 extra

  • Weekends $50.00

  • Holidays $75.00

**After hour and weekends collections are subject to Collector's availability


Employment Drug & Alcohol Testing (DOT & NON DOT)

Broward Drug Testing is a perfect solutions for employers seeking in need of hiring quality prospects for their business,  and a great tool to minimize employment turn around and reducing Company losses by employees negligence and perhaps some case involving theft, and at the same time reducing liability and insurance premiums.

Onsite group collections are available at your workplace inside the Broward, Palm Beach, Dade County areas as well throughout the State.

We also provide testing collection in our network anywhere in the U.S. territory, all we need is the name of hire, Zip code, email and phone number. Please email us at info@floridatoxicology.com or call us toll free 1-888-499-6393

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Students Drug Testing

This is a service design for Individual Students in need of a drug test prior to hospital placement admissions, clinical rotations and internships. Students can email us or contact our office for a close location as need it.

Broward County DNA & Drug Testing offers the convenience of Onsite group testing at Schools, Colleges and Universities, to schedule a class or group please email us at info@floridatoxicology.com or call us toll free at 1-888-499-6393 for a quote, We served the Local and Statewide facilities.

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Personal Drug Testing

Our Services provide a wide range of Drug testing including Urinalysis, Saliva, Hair and Nail testing for individuals and families in need of a progress of a love one who may battle or in treatment for Drug abuse, We offer confidential and accurate results as well convenient locations throughout the US.

*Personal test are not intended for legal issues*test does not carry chain of custody. the test is intended for informational purposes. *no identification will be required at the time of collection.

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Legal Drug Testing

Design for individuals involved mostly in Probation, Pre Trial release or and some types of legalities. (Not intended for family cases or any type of custody cases)The Services are available on our main location at 746 NE 3rd Avenue Fort Lauderdale, Fl. 33304. for more information about our legal testing please email us at info@floridatoxicology.com or call us toll free  1-888-499-6393.


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All testings, collections and services are subject to our Terms and Conditions

Detection times:

Different substances / drugs remain in a person’s system for varying periods of time. Many factors determine how long a drug is detectible, and varying tests are used to determine use of drugs for either a period of days or period of months, The test subject’s age, weight, health, sex, purity of the drug used, the dosage and frequency of use, and other factors can determine how long a drug is detectible.

-Urinalysis drug test                  Detection: 2-3 days                   Adulteration Level: easy
-Saliva or Oral drug test            Detection: 1-2 days                   Adulteration Level: Difficult
-Hair drug test                            Detection: Up to 3 months       Adulteration Level: Moderate
-Fingernail drug test                  Detection: Up to 6 months        Adulteration Level: Difficult


What Is EtG alcohol?

Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) is form after a direct biological marker in the body after the
consumption from ingesting alcoholic beverages.EtG may be detectable as soon as 2 hours
after consumption and up to 80 hours past consumption. Ethyl Glucuronide can also be found
on Hair and Nail with a longer period of detection.

-How long does it take to receive my results back?
Instant results can be delivery in 5 to 10 minutes. (Only for Urinalysis and Saliva)
Laboratory results are reported in between 2-4 business days, Positive results may take 2-7
depending of the amount of positives on the same panel requested.

-Is it possible to test positive for THC (marijuana) from second hand smoke on a urine test?

No, Urine concentrations of THC above the cut-off sensitivity level of the test, or a positive
result, is not possible by exposure to second hand smoke.

What does Dilute specimen means?

A urine specimen that has a higher concentration of water than that of a normal urine specimen.
Dilution could cause by oral hydration of fluids and the specimen appearance appear to be clear
than normal urine. Some type of medications and medical conditions can also produce dilute
results however, it is also possible that donor’s can intentionally ingest large amounts of water
to manipulate the detection of of drugs in the specimen.

-What are the benefits of Saliva/Oral testing?

-Oral testing is Non-invasive, also is allows for gender-neutral collections
-Oral testing Avoids donor’s against sample adulteration and tampering

- How effective is hair testing in detecting drug compare to urine?

Clients regularly report finding positives at least five times as many users compared to
urinalysis drug testing.

- What time period does hair testing cover?

The typical length of head hair tested is 1½ inches from the root, on a normal individual
average growth rate head hair is approximately ½ inch (1.3 cm) per month, under this scenario
a hair analysis could an approximate 90 day time frame. This time frame is an approximation
only since an individual’s actual hair growth rate may vary from the average.The shorter the hair
the less time of detection can be found. it's recommended to have a t least 1 1/2 of hair.

-How soon after use can a drug be detected in hair?

Drug detection could take in most cases approximately 5-10 days from the time of drug use for
the hair containing drug to grow above the head scalp where it can be collected.

Can a hair test determine how much or how often an individual is using a drug?

No, According to many studies Hair is a reservoir matrix, where. When testing the or any
reservoir matrix, drugs can collect and/or degrade over time and not able to back-track or go
and determine when could the individual may it been in contact, dosage or frequency. The
process or body metabolism carries to many variables.

Can someone test positive in hair because of passive or environmental exposure?

Yes, drugs are incorporated into individuals hair by three (3)major ways classified as:
environmental exposure, sweat and sebum from the scalp and blood flow through the hair
follicle. Environmental exposure however will only generate a positive for the parent drug with
the metabolite absent. Some of the environmental exposure can also apply to nail testing as
well, Our Laboratory can determine and explain in detail a report by ordering an opinion letter.

-Does body hair provides the same type of results as head hair?

Body hair is an option for testing, when the donor does not have enough head hair. However,
body hair results could exposed a longer time frame in comparison with head hair. The
approximate time period cannot be identified due to the high variability of growth rates in
different individuals.Yet in some individuals exposure to drugs use in body hair can be found for
up to 12 months.

-How long the extra or excess hair and the reports saved before deletion and disposal?

Any remaining hair after testing is completed is preserved for a one year period. Test results are
kept for a period of two years before deletion.

-Does hair coloring alter hair test results of a legal drug testing?

Yes. Bleaching, perming, dyeing and straightening can affect the outcome of a hair test. Cosmetically treated hair should not be collected.

Can hair from a brush be used to be tested?

Yes, but the results will be reported as "anonymous" donor although a sufficient amount of hair
is necessary for testing.


Drug information

Drug Class Trade//Name Street Names//DEA CAT.

ANALGESICS (Synthetic)

Meperidine// Demerol//Demmies, Pain Killer//DEA CAT II
Methadone// Dolophine// Dollies, Meth//DEA CAT II
Pentazocine// Talwin// T’s//DEA CAT III
Propoxypene// Darvon// Pain Killer//DEA CAT IV


Cannabinoids// N/A//Mary Jane, Grass, Pot, Smoke,Weed//DEA CAT I


Lysergic acid diethylamide// N/A //LSD, Acid//DEA CAT I
Methylenedioxyamphetamine// N/A //MDA, Love Drug//DEA CAT I
Methylenedioxymethamphetamine// N/A //MDMA, Adam, Ecstasy,X //DEA CAT I
Phencyclidine// N/A// PCP, Angel Dust//DEA CAT  II
Ketamine, short-acting anesthetic with hallucinogenic effects. Sometimes used to facilitate sexual assault crimes.



Amobarbital //Amytal //Yellow Jackets//DEA CAT III
Butabarbital //Butisol //Bute, Stoppers //DEA CAT III
Butalbital //Fiorinal// Schoolboy //DEA CAT III
Pentobarbital// Nembutal// Nembies//DEA CAT III
Phenobarbital// Luminal //Downers, Goofballs //DEA CAT IV
Secobarbital //Seconal//Barbs, Reds//DEA CAT III

GHB - Gamma-HydroxybutyricAcid Prescribed as Xyrem, Know as DATE RAPE DRUG It comes in a form liquid or as a white powder that is dissolved in water, juice, or alcohol. In liquid is clear


Alprazolam// Xanax// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Chlordiazepoxide// Librium// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Clonazepam// Clonopin// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Clorazepate// Tranxene// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Diazepam// Valium// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Flurazepam//Dalmane// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Lorazepam// Ativan// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Midazolam// Versed// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV
Oxazepam// Serax// Downs, Nerve Pills, Tranks//DEA CAT IV


Quaalude// Ludes//DEA CAT IV

Tricyclic Antidepressants

Amitriptyline// Elavil //N/A// N/A
Desipramine// Norpramin// N/A //N/A
Doxepin// Sinequan// N/A// N/A
Imipramine// Tofranil// N/A //N/A
Maprotiline// Ludiomil //N/A// N/A
Nortriptyline// Aventyl// N/A// N/A


Ethanol// N/A// Booze//N/A


Codeine// Empirin, Tylenol Codeine// Schoolboy//DEA CAT III
Diacetylmorphine// Heroin// Horse, Smack, “H”, Speedball (w/ Coca)// DEA CAT I
Hydrocodone// Hycodan, Vicodin//N/A// N/A
Hydromorphone// N/A//Dilaudid Juice, Dillies// N/A
Morphine// Roxanol// “M”, Morph//DEA CAT II
Oxycodone// Oxycontin, Percodan, Percocet// OC, OXY, Oxy-Coffins, Killers, Percs//DEA CAT II
Oxymorphone// Opana, Numorphan// Blues, Nu-Blues, Biscuits, Blue Heaven//DEA CAT II

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is 80-100 times stronger than morphine.


Amphetamine// Benzedrine, Obetrol// Ice, Speed, Crank//DEA CAT II
Cocaine// N/A// Coke, Rock, Crack, Snow, Blow, Toot Hours//DEA CAT II
Methamphetamine //Desoxyn// Upper, Snot, Glue// DEA CAT II

Designer Drugs

Bath Salts// N/A//bath salts,” “research chemicals,” “plant food,” “glass cleaner,”

U-47700,“U4,” “pink,” or “pinky,” is a highly potent synthetic opioid that looks like a white or light pink powder.

Spice-K2, Synthetic Marijuana

A synthetic version of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana, K2-Spice is a mixture of plant material sprayed with synthetic psychoactive chemicals

Flakka (alpha-PVP)

is a dangerous drug that is similar to the street drug commonly known as bath salts. Flakka is typically white or pink in color, and is found in crystal form.

Explanation of Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) Classification

(I) Illicit drugs with no medical use; high potential for abuse
(II)Prescription drugs with high potential for abuse and physical dependency

(III)Drugs with less abuse potential than schedule II; have moderate to low physical dependency, but may have high psychological dependence
(IV)Prolonged use of these drugs may lead to limited physical or psychological dependency; lower abuse potential than schedule III

*The information provided is as a guide only, you should not use information found on this Site to replace a relationship with your physician or other healthcare professional and should not rely on that information as professional medical advice. Always seek the advice from your physician or other qualified healthcare provider.

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