Paternity DNA & Family Relationship Collections & Testing Involving Power of Attorney & Deceased Donors

Power of Attorney: The collections and testing services are provided for individuals with the authority to act for another person in specified or all legal or financial matters. collection can be made via Oral Swab. The Designated Power of attorney must be present to sign affidavits and forms in regards of the collection and his or hers authority over the Donor.

Deceased Donors: The collections and testing services are provided for deceased donors where a blood card has been stored at a hospital or funeral or where the donor body still available to collect a sample or tissue from the body along with proper permission from the family or facility from a court ordered in legal cases.

Our office offers the convenience of Onsite Collections for an additional fee, the turn around results is between 3-6 business days. Next day rush results are also available for an extra fee.

For more information please Contact our office via e-mail or call us toll free 1888-499-6393

All testings, collections and services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.



What information is required to request DNA testing on a deceased body?

We will only provide the DNA KITS for the deceased party to be collected from a designated Hospital of Funeral Home personnel collector. If the Hospital or funeral home have the body or sample, you will need to confirm with them about their protocol. Some hospital’s or Funeral Homes require a court order to release a DNA sample. Other offices may only require a next of kin release form to be completed. Once you find out their protocol, other information to set up deceased body relationship testing shall include:

-Name of the facility that has the DNA sample;
-Address to the facility that has the DNA sample; -Contact person at the facility that our lab can speak with; -Contact person’s telephone number;
-Date of birth for the deceased;
-Date of death for the deceased.

What type of DNA samples can be collected to determined relationship?

-Acceptable samples may included: Oral Swab (if fluids are available)hair complete with root, or fingernail cuttings, Ear wax are preferable samples, in some cases some tissue or bone can be collected as well, if the deceased has been dead for no more than a week, other external samples but intended only for informational purposes and not for legal issues are toothbrush, hairbrush with root hairs, yet insufficient DNA on the external samples posses testing issues.

-Once the body is not available another form of testing if available will be a Blood Card collected sometimes by a hospital or funeral home.

-The last form will be by Exhumation, a more complex process that requires legal permissions granting the collection and testing on special cases. other factors includes a higher cost involving the cemetery exhumation fees and collection and laboratory testing fees involving bones testing where not soft tissue is available.

*Please keep in mind that if testing is requested on any of the samples other than the swabs, fingernails or blood card there will be additional fees.

Can DNA samples be stored for future testing?

Yes, But only on Legal cases, our partner Laboratories offer the convenience to stored samples after testing as a personal profile for 5 years at no cost for storage, after 5 years a monthly fee of $20.00 a month will be assessed and for up to 80 years. (an inquiry must be made to confirm the request of storage).


Who can collect a DNA Sample?

For Legal cases involving Power of Attorney is recommended to have a professional collector, a Hospital Staff or Funeral Staff for the integrity and purpose on chain of custody that could be determine in future cases involving court.

For Informational or Non Legal cases a kit can be provided with collection instructions, please keep in mind that this procedure or collected samples cannot be use on any type of future legality and it’s only intended for informational purposes.(No storage is available).

Legal DNA Test $289

Add- ons:

-Extra Participant $120

-Power of Attorney $199

-Blood Card $199

-Deceased Body KIT $399

-Exhumation Body KIT $799

-Onsite Collection $100+ $0.65 p/mile.

-After Hours Collection Fee $30

-Weekend Collection Fee $50

-Holliday Collecion Fee $75

-Rush results next day $480

-Extra Hard Copy $10

-Next day Rush results Fee $480