Onsite at your location collection services, has become one of the most important tools inside the drug testing process, studies have shown that Onsite drug testing reduces dramatically the level of specimen tampering, while the donor has limited time to research and adulated the outcome of the results or how to cheat on the test. But fear not. We’re here with information about the ways people are trying to cheat the system and how you can help protect the integrity of your drug testing program. Here are some examples of giving a window of time to donors to test and how can impact drug testing results.

Cheat #1 – Substitution  
Some individuals don’t want to mess with flushing their system or adding something to their specimen, so try to bring in “clean” urine. Where do they get it? That’s when things get interesting. Some ask a trusted friend or family member. Others go to the Internet, where they buy synthetic urine – proof that you can buy nearly anything online. These synthetic urine alternatives often have pH, specific gravity, and creatine needed to successfully pass a drug test. This method has created a cottage industry that aims to help donors bring these drug-free samples in at the proper temperature and in a variety of discrete ways. Lastly, some people have resorted to injecting clean urine directly into their bladders. This is, of course, a perilous option, but it sheds light on the lengths to which some people will go to pass a drug test.

How to beat the cheat:
Onsite collections will eliminate the window of specimen substitution as well as temperature is an important indicator. Urine specimens need to be in the 90 to 100-degree range. Additionally, a trained drug test collector knows “by ear” when a donor is not providing a specimen “naturally.” in addition, the donor will not have the opportunity to access or purchase a specimen to substitute.

Cheat #2 – Adulterants
This technique involves adding something to the urine specimen after it is voided from the body using an additive that has been smuggled into the collection site, after enough notice to the donor from the request of testing allowing the donor to find a way to bring an adulterant, People trying to alter their drug tests can also buy a variety of commercial products that claim to interfere with the drug testing process.

How to beat the cheat:
Onsite testing will potentially cut the time of research and the ability of the donor to obtain any type of adulterants.  Collectors are trained to ask donors as well to empty their pockets before entering the restroom.

Cheat #3 – Dilution 
Very often, individuals will try and flush all evidence of illicit drug use by downing massive amounts of liquids or water. Companies even offer additives, marketed as “detox drinks,” that enhance the flushing approach. This practice involves drinking the additive and following that up with more fluids to flush the drugs and their metabolites out of their system.

How to beat the cheat:
Onsite testing will limit again the time of water intake consumption of fluids at the site, compare to hours or days prior to the drug testing request to the donor, as well the window to obtain or purchased additives to promote dilution.

Other benefits include:

– Completely avoids the stress and downtime for the donor to find a location for testing.

– Limits delays by receiving final report on group testing at mostly at once, allowing Employers, Staff Directors  to efficiently complete and monitor results

– Office support for Employers and Staff Directors to request past results store in our secure laboratory database in cases where data may be missing or lost in your system.

Supplying drug users with a way to cheat drug tests is big business, so it’s best to keep current and stay diligent. There are thousands of websites that discuss ways donors try to cheat their drug tests. Employers, Staff Directors should visit such sites, learn how they are trying to falsify results and make changes accordingly. Lastly, choose a drug testing provider you can trust.  The right collection and testing partner can help to ensure the integrity of your drug test results.


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